Do Women Like Rough Sex? 3 Rules for Satisfying Her in the Sack

Do women like rough sex? How much is too much? Are aggressive men a turn ON… or turn OFF? Will she tell you that she likes it when you are a bit more aggressive than most, or will she quietly hope and wait that you’ll get the hint on your own? What else do women fantasize about?

Are some topics taboo to talk about, or is everything “on the table” when it comes to 2 consenting adults and our fetishes and fantasies?

If you are anything like the millions of men who enjoy exploring sexual fantasies and the unspoken language of lust, this was written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Rule #1 – Always ask. (never assume)

Even if you think she is enjoying something sexual, communication is key. Every woman, and every relationship is different. Assume nothing that you read here or elsewhere is 100% true, 100% of time.

That said, it is also true, that many women we speak to mention that they do prefer hot and spicy sex, more than medium or mild. When we’ve asked our own audience of female readers what they’d like more of in bed, the qualities that ranked the highest were:




Rule #2: A little dirty dialogue goes a long way

Aggressiveness isn’t always defined by physical connection. As a matter of fact, many women tell us that dirty talk, or a man who is willing to be wild with what he SAYS during sex, is about as hot and steamy as it comes. The funny thing? Many women who consider themselves to be shy or reserved in “real life”, admitted to finding a man who curses, swears and says VERY dirty things during sex to be a huge turn on between the sheets!

Rule #3: The Key to Her Climax

Women have a much different cycle when it comes to achieving orgasm. While men tend to climax from physical stimulation alone, we are much more multi sensory and need far more stimulation than you. For example? Foreplay, like Oral sex is very important for a woman.

So too is ambiance and atmosphere. Most importantly, her emotional state of mind is key. Many women secretly admit that taboo topics, fetishes and fantasies are incredibly important to achieving orgasm during sex.

Things like “stranger sex” fetishes, role playing games, or prostitution fantasies, or imagining that YOU are a well endowed psychical specimen, can create an erotic electricity that is a huge turn on for her.

Imagination is an amazing ally when it comes to erotic energy, and there is much more to sensational sex than meets the eye.

The bottom line?

Great sex is the key to all great relationships. It’s MORE than having a great body. And while there are lots of secrets to amazing sex, the 3 simple rules above are things I love, and many other women do, too!

Better Sex: Oral Sex Hints for Women

Even couples with sensational sex lives are often looking for better sex hints that can add a new dimension to their bedtime trysts. For many men, this includes finding ways to incorporate a bit more oral sex into their routines, both as a “giver” and a “receiver.” If they wish to be on the receiving end, it’s crucial that they follow basic penis health practices that make their tools as attractive as possible. But even the best-looking tool may go begging, oral sex-wise, if a partner isn’t trained in the ways of giving oral pleasure.

Women who may be inexperienced when it comes to oral sex can benefit from a few simple tips.

– Breathe through the nose. The first and most important tip for women who are afraid they may gag on their partner’s penis is to breathe through the nose. If one attempts to engulf a manhood, even one of modest size, and to continue breathing through the mouth, an unpleasant reflex sensation is bound to occur. By now, this is something most women know, yet getting from theoretical knowledge to practical application can be challenging. If a woman is interested in orally pleasing a man, it helps if she practices nose-breathing in advance.

– Use a substitute for practice. Some women may also benefit from using a reasonable facsimile of a penis – such as a banana – for practice. It’s not the real thing, but learning how to fit oneself around such an object will make the actual activity easier to handle – and less of a surprise. And don’t worry – although it may seem daunting to a novice, most people find it becomes quite easy after the first time or two.

– Turn the lights out. For some women, there’s a degree of self-consciousness involved which is heightened when fellating in the light. If that’s the case, try turning the lights off. It often has a surprising psychological benefit.

– Watch the teeth. Again, most women know this – but it can take a little practice to learn how to keep the teeth from grazing the sensitive parts of the manhood.

– Move beyond the shaft. While most pornographic videos focus on the shaft of the penis during oral sex, men also enjoy having their balls attended to during the act. Taking a break to kiss, caress and lick his testicles will give the oral session that extra little kick that he likes.

– Make it tasty. Many women complain that their mouths dry out while performing fellatio, making them want to quit early. A glass of water on the bedside table can be a way to resolve this, but more pleasurable might be investing in some flavored lubricant and spreading that on the man pole before getting started.

– Get free with the frenulum. The frenulum – that area on the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the head – can be extremely sensitive. Try working over it with both the tongue and the hands; the combination is likely to bring a very big smile to the man’s face.

– Vary the temperature. No guy wants either ice or flame, but variations of coolness and warmth can also add a zing to his fellated member. Keeping a glass of cool water and a washcloth with warm water nearby and using them at appropriate times can make one’s administrations extra special.

The Top 3 Sex Mistakes Married Women Make That Can Lead to a Sexless Marriage Or No Marriage at All

Do you remember walking down the aisle as you went to meet your soon-to-be husband?

I do.

I was nervous, filled with anticipation, energy, and excitement, all at the same time. And I was ready to make passionate love to my husband.

Now 15 years later, I’ve learned some hard lessons.

For one, marriage is great, but it’s work!

Would you agree?

And a lot of the work required takes place in the bedroom.

Don’t get me wrong. Sex can be great, but it requires effort, energy, and passion.

However, as women, we are often timid, shy, or even resistant about having sex in marriage. This is a sad, but truthful reality.

For this reason, if we’re not careful, we could end up in a sexless marriage or with no marriage at all!

Below you’ll find three things that can lead to a sexless marriage and at worse ruin the marriage altogether.

1) Not Giving Up the Cookies. When you refuse to have sex with your husband, you cut off communication with him. This lack of sex can build up barriers and close opportunities for you to talk with him about other things in the future.

2) Having “Pity Sex.” If you have ever read 1 Corinthians 7, you know that it is wrong to withhold sex from your husband.

Maybe you’ve never been guilty of that, but have you ever had sex with your husband just to get it over with?

You lacked passion and you didn’t bring your “A-game” into the bedroom.

My husband coined this term, “Pity sex.”

In fact, I was guilty of pity sex, but since I realized that I was wrong, I’ve been working on becoming more passionate in the bedroom.

3) Not Making Time to “Bake the Cookies”. It’s one thing to not have sex, but it’s something else when you don’t make sex a priority. I’ll ask you a question: Why should your husband make you a priority when you won’t make sex a priority?

While there are many aspects of marriage, much of the conflict can begin in the bedroom. As women we must understand that sex plays a major part in experiencing great marriage. But if you refuse to give up sex, give pity sex, or refuse to make time for sex it could lead to misery and a marriage nightmare.

What’s Sex Got to Do With It? Why Married Women Don’t Bring Passion to the Bedroom and How to Fix It

Sandra made her list for the day:

• Groceries
• Drop kids off at school
• Pick up the computer from the repairman
• Cook dinner
• Call Jackie
• Get laid…

What’s wrong with this list?

Now, I don’t know if Sandra made this list based on sequence or based on priority. But let’s just say it was based on priority.

If so, there are two things wrong with this list. For one, “Getting laid” is at the very bottom. That tells me it’s not very important to Sandra. Sex seems to be an obligatory item: just something she knows she has to do as a wife. It seems like it’s a chore for Sandra to have sex with her husband.

Does this sound familiar to you?

And number two, Sandra uses the term “Get laid.” Is that an appropriate term for a wife to use with her husband?

After all, isn’t sex more than just “getting laid?” Not only that, why is sex apart of her list to be checked off? Doesn’t it mean more to Sandra than one of her duties for the day?

To me, sex is more than allowing your husband to penetrate you for his satisfaction. It’s even more than getting an orgasm.

Sex in marriage is an expression of love between a husband and a wife. Maybe that’s why many people refer to sex as lovemaking. This act of lovemaking can do more than just make you feel good. It can bring you closer together with your husband. It can tear down walls and help you to communicate in a variety of ways. And I just think that sex makes you happier when you do it with right attitude.

But why is sex often such a chore for married women?

I often struggled to have sex in a passionate way.

Sex in the beginning of our marriage was great, but stuff happened. Life got in the way, and I allowed it to hinder me from bringing my “A-game” to the bedroom.

What about you?

Have you struggled to bring passion and give your all to the bedroom?
If so consider the opportunities you’re missing to communicate with your husband in such a unique way. Not only that, sexual communication can open the doors for other types of communication at a later time.

If you can learn to consider sex in marriage as an act of passion and love vs. just a chore, it can take your marriage and communication to an entirely different level.

And it can ultimately make you happy!

Ways to Increase Sex Drive in Women Naturally

It is not uncommon for women to suffer with low libido and vaginal dryness post menopause.

Women experience a drop in the production of estrogen post menopause. This leads to a lot of changes in the body and behavior. Low libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, hot flashes etc. are some of the most common symptoms of this hormonal shift in the body.

Though hormone therapy can help boost estrogen in your body, it can have side effects too.

Listed below are some of the best ways to increase estrogen in your body:

1. Exercise but Avoid Too Much of Exercise

Exercise is great for increasing estrogen in your body. However, excessive exercise can actually lower estrogen in your body. Limit your exercise routine to just 3-4 days a week. Moreover, low levels of body fat can also lead to low levels of estrogen production.

This is because your body need good fats or essential fats like Omega 3 fatty acids to produce steroid hormones like estrogen.

2. Consume Foods that have Phytoestrogens in them

Phytoestrogens are compounds that mimic estrogen in your body. You must try to include them in your diet. Some of the best examples of such foods include soy and soy products, bran, beans, fruits and vegetables etc.

3. Drink More Coffee

Drinking more than two cups of coffee in a day can help boost your estrogen levels. It is best to use organic coffee since it is free of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Women who are pregnant should not consumer more than 200 mg of caffeine per day since it can result in premature birth.

4. Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, stop smoking to boost estrogen levels in your body. Cigarettes contain harmful toxins and chemicals that affects estrogen production in women and testosterone production in men. Moreover, smoking can affect your fertility too.

5. Try Some Chasteberry

This is a herb that is known to stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more of your sex hormones with estrogen being one of them. It has been used as an estrogen enhancer for hundreds of years.

6. Try a Natural Hormone Enhancer

Last, but not the least, you can also try a natural supplement. Such supplements are a combination of natural ingredients such as Sensoril, chasteberry, dong quai, l-arginine etc.

These supplements increase estrogen in your body naturally and without any side effects. Some of their benefits include improved libido, better lubrication, mood support, emotional well being, weight loss. They also help alleviate other menopause symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness etc.